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Media Matters group, funded by George Soros, is now out of the closet, ….  Or is he / are they?   Could it be that the infamous Soros, supporter of every leftist and Anti-American is only interested in this to contribute to … Continue reading

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When would you have thought this would be, ….. could be, ….. a headline?   And, ….. that conservatives would not only support it but help fund it?   These are strange times, right?   The bar would, of course, be alcohol free, so … Continue reading

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GAY TREASON: Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell Policy backfires

You won’t see this in the lamestream media, ….. not for a while, …. and possibly, … not at all! UPDATE BELOW: This scandal, if it hits the news, could cause major damage to the liberal / progressive movement (and the … Continue reading

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Finally, ….. now that his base is fractionalizing, and his former supporters are seeing the danger, they are providing old videos which prove he is not an American Citizen – what we’ve been saying all along.  Watch the link ….. … Continue reading

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  This is what they must have been thinking . . . . while the House Judiciary Committee has (almost surreptitiously) approved scandalous Barney Frank’s bill, H.R. 1913. The nation’s busy, . . . distracted, watching, . . . as the “pandemic” fighters … Continue reading

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