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JERRY BROWN: “NO” to legalization of pot

Liberal candidate for Governor of California, Jerry Brown is against proposition on the November ballot – the legalization of marijuana.   He announced his opposition at a conference of California District Attorney Assn. in Monterey, California.  Ignoring the tens of thousands … Continue reading

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  We’ve learned that competition causes prices to be lower . . . . unless there’s price fixing, that is. The government learned that too, because they passed laws against price fixing. So why did (p)Resident Obama cause car dealerships to … Continue reading

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CRAIGSLIST: It’s NOT just prostitution!

  Look for the Drug Sales.   Examples are below. Taking Portland, for example, look at the Section in the Upper Left area – look under “COMMUNITY”; then click on “RIDESHARE”. When you clikc on Rideshare, a number of postings will come up.   Don’t … Continue reading

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