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UPDATED: One thing not yet apparent, is that there is a back door in your computer . . . a number of them! That’s why there are so many fixes by Microsoft / etc.; as they’re discovered and used, they’re often … Continue reading

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When all is said and done, my opinion is that, Acer is not worth dealing with! Before I start, let me give you a challenge.  Pretend you have an Acer computer and you need to contact them.  Go to their … Continue reading

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When I grew up, the media was relatively dependable and investigative journalism was evident; the people depended on it!    Oh, there were people like Randolph Herst, who was building his media empire, but by-in-large, the media had not sold out, like they … Continue reading

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What if …..   I know what the idiots say, those angry at Him, but what if, … there actually is a God, ….. and more importantly, that He left proof for you, that He exists – – – proof you could not deny? He … Continue reading

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