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  The virus can live in the body for 10 years w/o showing symptoms . . . how many partners have you had in 10 years? I googled “Aids virus size” and “condom”.   The very first site I went to was interesting; … Continue reading

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   Over two decades ago, when the manipulators decided to present marijuana to the public in a new way, they advertised their plan to potheads in “High Times”, a magazine passed around, every user eventually read.    Back issues are hard to find but our organization has … Continue reading

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  This is what they must have been thinking . . . . while the House Judiciary Committee has (almost surreptitiously) approved scandalous Barney Frank’s bill, H.R. 1913. The nation’s busy, . . . distracted, watching, . . . as the “pandemic” fighters … Continue reading

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