It may not have begun here, but Eugene and the surrounding Lane County area played a major part in America’s Drug revolution, the counter-culture of drugs all across America – for that matter, over the entire globe.

It wasn’t only Harvard professors, Grinspoon, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (now known as Baba Ram Dass).

In effect, Eugene’s Drug culture sacrificed their own children on this sinister altar of permissiveness.

I’ll tell you what I know of how it came about … some who were involved.

During this time (20+ years ago), the city “Fathers” and the University of Oregon … how they all worked hand-in-hand, a few inadvertently maybe (if only to look-the-other-way), to promote illicit drug use to America’s children … and the entire world. Others were openly promoting illicit drug use … … still do!

My awareness of it began after being sent to Eugene . . . and subsequently talking with a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) undercover agent. Skipping the main part, about their work … how they tracked certain drugs all around the world via identifying the chemical fingerprint of LSD, especially … and specifically how – by following the Grateful DEAD concerts around the world.

The DEA found that certain drugs were appearing in all the same cities the Dead held concerts in. They concluded the illicit drug manufacturers, or at the very least the distributors, were either connected with the Grateful Dead or certainly followed them / case-in-point the well known Owsley LSD … as well as many other drugs.

Jerry Garcia lived just outside Eugene and was friends with many of the group that called themselves “The Merry Pranksters”.  It seems well known now, that author Ken Kesey and his followers traveled the nation on a Bus they called “Further” touting Drug use and even giving out drugs all over America. Some of the same folks were involved with the  Oregon Country faire which became a non-profit which allowed open drug use for decades.

I’ll jump ahead to the relevant part that concerns Eugene and the U of O. The DEA had discovered that our venue here, meaning the U of O’s Autzen Stadium (the Duck’s football stadium) was the only place in the nation at the time, which allowed on-site-camping so few druggies missed this gathering.

Major drug manufacturers and dealers would come to buy, sell, and trade drugs mistakenly feeling they were somewhat anonymous, in their tents. They assumed they just looked like normal concert goers.

All this was facilitated by the University allowing on-site camping and looking the other way regarding the drugs so prolific on campus – – specifically work of “The Merry Pranksters” here in Eugene.

Of course promoters of drugs are basically promoting darkness and evil; these folks are evil incarnate.  Delving into scripture, one finds that the same roots of the words which mean “drugs” in Hebrew (and Greek) also mean sorcery and witchcraft.  They try and attract youth and those who feel infallible into darkness, often one step at a time – those out on their own for the 1st time are targeted.  Why send them into a viper’s pit like the University of Oregon?

It’s said they anointed the O of O’s banister railings with DMSO + LSD, sending multitudes of students into immediate, unexpected trips. Ken Babs and Ken Kesey were names I heard all too often but there was any number of others.  At the Dead concerts it was well known that Kesey provided drugs when visiting his trailer – concert goers, professors, and all . . .  I was never invited in though I heard from multiple sources of the “mound” of “white drugs” on Kesey’s Table during the Dead concerts and the professors who visited and used.

DMSO, (FYI) carries whatever it is mixed with, into the bloodstream.

About then, every illicit drug made … became available to our children in Eugene.  As a locksmith, I saw and dealt with the consequences on Eugene’s families!

So did the cops, courts, jails, morgues, and prisons.  We now know full well the damage cocaine has done across the U.S. in spite of what Grinspoon says!

Correction – it was Len Bias, who dropped dead on the basketball court, the 1st time he tried cocaine.  The autopsy showed Bias had over 30 holes in his heart when he died.  He’d just graduated from Univ. Of Md., drafted to the Celtics.

A close friend’s son died in a University of Oregon frat house where so many drugs and alcohol were used, he wrote a school paper exposing it . . . I believe, that was the day before he died.  The Register Guard confirmed the use as well, in an expose’.  The  night Garrett died a number of frat house panicked and worked to hide it; the frat house guys cleaned up the mess … yes; even before calling the EMT’s.

The U of O administration tried to sweep it under the rug . . . as usual.  His family grieved! My son lost a close friend as well during those days as the drugs spread throughout the community.

In a short time, every drug across the nation was being sold to Eugene’s children, even literally on the vert steps of the county court house during Saturday Market!  Many of the city fathers looked the other way, along with the police; this scourge of drugs had corrupted the city.

I’ll not expound here about the old sheriff (known as “snortin’ Norton”), but there were plenty of officials who knew and deliberately looked away! Why?? Because (they excused themselves) the Oregon Duck’s football program needed the money.

Dan Williams (the head of the football program) justified it when he personally told me in a meeting in his office, that they planned for the Ducks to compete at the nation’s highest level … and that took the money … lots of money – which was coming in from the Dead concerts.

Twenty some years ago Dan told me that they would stop the concerts at Autzen IF I could find another source of cash to replace the money they made from the Dead concerts.

So I did … and they did.

I’d contacted Colorado’s coach McCartney (head of Promise Keepers), before that meeting explaining the problem. He agreed to help. Promise-Keepers came to Autzen Stadium and the Grateful Dead were turned away – – instead, they moved to Portland Meadows.

At the first concert there, a child and a young lady, Trisha Ann Storms died, as a result. She’d been sprayed (with the same mixture?) but overall, Eugene hasn’t changed much.

What a Legacy! We’ll see what happens, down the line but there’s no getting around the history – – they willingly sold out – they may not have participated in rolling up children in rugs and throwing them into the fire while worshipping Molech, as was done a few thousand years ago, but they were -just the same- offering Eugene’s children up on this evil altar of permissiveness!

More coming, stay tuned . . .  Part 3 & 4 within weeks

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Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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