Nothing new, but new evidence of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in a horrific sexual abuse case involving a 12-year-old California girl is coming to light.

Pro-life researcher and writer Carole Novielli discovered court documents from the California case in October 2015, showing that a pedophile used the abortion business to cover up his sexual abuse of his girlfriend’s young daughter. Grey David Woods began sexually assaulting the 12-year-old girl in 2007 after he moved in with her mother, according to the court document. The girl’s own mother ignored and later participated in the sexual abuse of her young daughter, the records indicate.

In the fall of 2010, the now 15-year-old victim learned that she was pregnant. Woods and the victim’s mother told her to get an abortion. So, according to the document, in mid-January 2011, the mother drove the teen to a California Planned Parenthood facility to undergo an abortion procedure. The victim was in her second trimester, requiring a two-day procedure.

To cover for her pedophile boyfriend, the victim’s mother told the staff at Planned Parenthood that an unnamed boy had gotten the teen pregnant. Apparently, that was all Planned Parenthood needed to hear, because, according to the document, they performed the procedure. The victim did not tell the truth about what had happened because she was concerned that she would get in trouble, and/or that her mother would get in trouble. Less than two weeks after the victim had the abortion, Woods resumed having sex with her.

After several more months of abuse, in January of 2012, the victim called the police on Woods because he became violent towards her and her mother. Tragically, she did not tell police about the sexual abuse for fear she would get taken away from her mother. Shortly after this incident, the victim went to Virginia to live with a friend. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 when police were alerted to the sexual abuse, almost two years after the child’s abortion at Planned Parenthood.

Authorities discovered Woods’ crimes in 2012 after his new girlfriend discovered pornographic photos that he had taken of the girl on his computer and reported him to police. A jury later convicted him on 16 counts of sexual abuse of the young girl and possession of child pornography; and he was sentenced to life in prison without parole, according to the report.

The girl’s mother also pled guilty to committing lewd acts with a minor, felony child abuse and felony accessory, the report states.

Abortion businesses including Planned Parenthood have been caught numerous times conveniently ignoring signs of sexual abuse or covering up the abuse. In March 2015, Life Dynamics wrote for about another California man who sexually abused two of his daughters and took the younger one to Planned Parenthood for two abortions in 2010. Court documents indicated that the abortion facility did not report the suspected abuse of the 13-year-old girl to authorities. The girl said she did not tell clinic staff that her father had impregnated her, but instead made up a story about having a boyfriend her own age.

According to Life Dynamics, which studies the issue, it is almost universally accepted that sexual predators who target children almost never stop on their own. Instead, they continue until they are stopped by someone else. Abortion facilities often perpetuate the problem when they fail to ask questions or report suspected abuse.

The Life Dynamics criminal cases summaries where Planned Parenthood failed to report sexual abuse include a young girl who was raped for an additional 1 ½ years after her 44-year-old abuser took her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. In another case, a kidnap victim was taken to Planned Parenthood after her abuser sexually assaulted her at the age of 15.

In 2014, Indiana abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer also was caught failing to report two termination of pregnancy reports on time for 13-year-old girls — which likely put the girls at further risk because state officials were unable to follow up on the rapes in a timely manner.

The state charged Klopfer with not following Indiana state law, which requires that notice of abortions to girls under age 14 be filed within three days with the Indiana Department of Health and Child Protective Services. However, the charges were dismissed earlier in December because he had completed a “pretrial diversion program,” LifeNews previously reported.

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