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There are gunfights every night in San Francisco, mostly by illegal aliens – Published in “The Michael Savage Newsletter.” In today’s issue: As a long term San Francisco resident, Dr. Savage is particularly appalled by the murder of an innocent … Continue reading

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Helping Obama Abuse, Divide and Bankrupt America

This is one method the system is typically being twisted – how your taxes are being spent.  This example is specifically designed for a single guy and his girlfriend with two kids. Don’t marry her. Always use your mom’s address to get mail. The guy buys … Continue reading

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Here below, is a sign for you … DON’T BELIEVE THEIR LIES! For every adoption referral, PLANNED PARENTHOOD Murders 174 Preborn babies! Take this sign above, to Kinko’s; have them blow it up and print it; stand outside abortion mills and … Continue reading

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   Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as they’d have you believe… they’re not really that tolerant … not even close! Let’s understand the larger historical picture.  The anger and hate in this gay community has all-too-often been far “beyond the pale”; still … Continue reading

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LOVE is EQUAL . . . mostly

Sun Tzu says to know your enemy and to anticipate his moves. Knowing  that the angry secular leftists are intentionally coming against (targeting) the churches right to survive under the Constitution, it’s timely that we change. Christians (out of loving … Continue reading

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Did the people have to be so blind, so self-centered . . .  so gullible? After all, this evil man’s a charmer; he says all the right things . . . does it matter that he’s a liar and a … Continue reading

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