SANCTUARY CITIES: a city with police who won’t ask questions about your immigration status, plus ICE and the Border Patrol can’t find you.

Constitutional scholar and conservative patriot Mark Levin stated: “  … it’s not just a matter of sanctuary cities — we have a sanctuary country.  Obama is not only seeking to legalize millions of millions of illegal immigrants through the front door; he’s doing it through the back door, as our friends at Legal Insurrection pointed out last week, by not deporting people . . .”

You’ll hear different estimates on the number of cities; the most common is around 200, but the actual number may be much higher; no one really knows with the current state of this anarchy.

It’s not just a money issue; obviously, illegals are voting – which is why politicians allow Sanctuary Cities to continue to exist … but it is also a money issue; politicians are making immigration legal services lucrative for their liberal lawyer friends in their acquiescing to ACLU pressures.

Liberals explain:

LEGAL: Police want to maintain a good relationship with the citizens they’re sworn to protect. If residents – many of whom are illegal immigrants – know that if police encounter them they face deportation, they will be less likely to deal with police on any level. That can mean more unsolved crimes and a destructive climate of distrust.

Possibly More Importantly

HEALTH: “If an epidemic starts in a population that doesn’t have access to care, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to everyone,” said Councilmember Julia Patterson, chair of the King County Board of Health. “Diseases like H1N1 flu don’t discriminate based on whether or not you’re a legal citizen, and therefore, restricting access to care for some hurts us all.”

Here, on this professional, lawyer-based, pro-Sanctuary cities, they rake in the big bucks, as they intentionally advertise their legal services to “illegals,” here’s the explanation they put forth, but note particularly – the last line:

Sanctuary city is a name given to a city in the United States that follows certain procedures that shelters illegal immigrants. These procedures can be by law (de jure) or they can be by action (de facto). The term most commonly is used for cities that do not permit municipal funds or resources to be applied in furtherance of enforcement of federal immigration laws. These cities normally do not permit police or municipal employees to inquire about one’s immigration status. The designation of Sanctuary City” has no legal meaning.


Sometimes city councils (such as San Francisco did) pass ordinances banning police from asking questions about citizens’ residency status, some police departments have the equivalent of a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” when it comes to immigration status.

That’s where this “flap” began . . . with the murder of Kate Steinle …Steinle

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