LIVING IN FANTASYLAND — Michael Brown’s parents

The parents of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., traveled to Geneva to address a U.N. committee Tuesday. (AP File Photo)

The parents of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., traveled to Geneva to address a U.N. committee Tuesday. (AP File Photo)

Left-spinning CNN gave out false info all along –

Note that they still now are apologists …  Dorian Johnson (in on the robbery, I believe / testimony proven false) see our most recent update.

By their actions and statements, surely they must … Right now, they’re in Geneva Switzerland.

Please see the updates.   And the After-the-Riots update.

Do you wonder who paid for the trip?   I sure do!  Obviously, someone with “deep pockets” wants this radicalism to continue.

Supposedly, the reason — they’re trying to tell the United-Nations-Committee-Against-Torture of the “excessive force” used by the Ferguson police against so-called “peaceful protestors”.

Huh?   From what I saw on the news (both the leftist mainstream media and Fox), … I’d call  “pretty good restraint”; wouldn’t you?

Even though they have to have seen the video by now, … the one of their son’s strong-arm robbery and his intimidation of the store’s clerk, Michael’s parents continue to describe him as a polite, peaceful young man.

By no stretch of the imagination can he be appropriately called either!  Robbery is not Polite nor peaceful!   By his aggressive intimidation, one may be able to call him young … but not by his size!  Maybe he was polite around his family, but most likely this giant of a young man wasn’t high when he was around them, … at least not like he was, that night.

ferguson-palestine-occupation-ap-450x337<—-  We now know that among the protestors are Pro-Palestinians as well as radicals from all over the U.S.

Obvious to me, his family has (if not previously) bought into the radical leftist / Hate-America-First philosophy.


From ( – Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. — the parents of a black teenager shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer in August — say they were “received very well” by the United Nations Committee Against Torture.

“They’ve given us a lot of love and support since we’ve been here. And everything seems to be positive. It’s a — it’s a great experience,” McSpadden told CNN from Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday.

Michael Brown, Sr. told CNN they went to the U.N. to explain “what’s going on in the United States and all over the world with the police, police brutality, no justice, just trying to get the eye opened up, attention to the situation that’s going on in St. Louis and all over America.”

Brown said his family is trying to figure out why Officer Darren Wilson was “playing the part of a judge, a prosecutor and an exeuter (sic) that day, that moment he interacted with our son. He had no right to address the law the way that he did to Michael Brown Jr., our son. And it’s a painful deal. We’re really lost with words on how to express ourself about it, because we’re trying to stay humble and not to be so upset to where — it’s a situation where I’m surprised we haven’t even lost our mind yet over this.”

As reported, the Browns submitted a statement to the U.N. Committee, saying that the “intentional, arbitrary killing of Michael Brown, shot to death by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, amounts to torture under Article 1” of the the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment.


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