Wonder why the administration … (Congress too), won’t put “boots on the ground?”

My understanding is – they’d have to admit they knew all along WMD’s existed (military-intel-weblogs showed the caravan of thousands of 18-wheelers) loaded.

While we waited to begin the war, the WMD’s were ‘secreted’ into the Beqaa Valley in Syria.   That’s the bare truth, like it or not!

Below, (reblogged) is part of the transcript of David Horowitz’s speech at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club event in Los Angeles on September 11, 2014.

 ~   ~   ~

“In 2003, the Democrats said the war was unnecessary because there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But the war was about Saddam’s determination to acquire these weapons and his violation of 17 UN Security Council resolutions designed to prevent him from doing that.

And of course, there were weapons of mass destruction. But the Democrats have put the whole country in denial. So even when the evidence smacks them in the face, they still can’t see it.

A month or so ago, the big news story was that Isis had stumbled onto a chemical weapons storage plant in Iraq. The plant had been built by Saddam Hussein. The news anchors said that the chemical weapons were dangerous in ISIS’ hands. And they left it at that. What they failed to say was that the existence of this storage facility showed that there were weapons of mass destruction and that the Democrats had lied in order to sabotage America’s war against Saddam and the terrorists in Iraq.

Even Fox’s astute and admirable — I love this woman — Megyn Kelly managed, in the same program to feature the chemical weapons story and then, in a later segment, to accuse Dick Cheney of being wrong about Iraq because there were no weapons of mass destruction. Dick Cheney was right — there were.

This colossal misreading of the war in Iraq has had ominous consequences. If you want to understand why terrorists rule Iraq today, and the Middle East, it is the Democrats’ defection from the war in Iraq and their 10-year campaign to force America’s retreat from the war on terror.

Consider the consequences of the Democrats’ seditious campaign. Because they divided the country and set half of it against the war, America couldn’t follow Saddam’s generals and chemical weapons into Syria. Where do you think Bashar Assad got those chemical weapons, anyway?

Because of America’s impotence, Syria became a cauldron of terrorism, and Iran escaped unpunished for the IEDs that it had placed in Iraq and that killed and maimed the majority of American casualties. Perhaps we could’ve won the war on terror then, when it was manageable, if the Democrats had been on our side.

What the Republican silence did in the face of the Democrats’ betrayal was to allow the Democrats to turn that betrayal into a patriotic act and to stigmatize Republican support for a necessary war into unpatriotic warmongering.

This is why Republicans in the last two elections were unwilling to stand up for their country and why they lost the elections. They were afraid of being portrayed as reckless. To this day, no Republican has the spine to call for boots on the ground in Iraq, which is obviously necessary if ISIS is to be defeated. That is a direct consequence of the false picture of why the war in Iraq went bad.

This is the price you pay if you lose the political battle or throw in the towel before you begin. Republicans will not win the presidential election in 2016 unless they hold Democrats accountable for their years of degrading America’s military and leading America’s retreat.

Unprincipled and unscrupulous as they are, the Democrats will now try to position themselves at the head of the war against ISIS. Republicans should not let them get away with this. If it were not for the Democrats’ determination to turn their backs on the war, we would still have a massive military base in Iraq, with 20,000 troops in-country. Republicans should make this a political mantra and throw it in the Democrats’ faces every chance they get.

That would be a punch in the Democrats’ mouth. It was Mike Tyson who said: Everybody has a game plan until you punch them in the mouth.”

There’s more, much more and it’s basic wisdom from a man who, like me, has been on the other side … until I grew up!   Read the rest @ http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/frontpagemag-com/the-democrats-war-against-the-war-on-terror-and-the-battle-plan-for-defeating-the-left/?utm_source=FrontPage+Magazine&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=d383ddc4e9-Mailchimp_FrontPageMag&utm_term=0_57e32c1dad-d383ddc4e9-156539009

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