budFor decades, activists working to make dangerous drugs legal have been lying to the public – no surprise there, but years ago, they published their game plan.

They stated they were going to break down the public’s resistance to legalizing the use of all illegal drugs by starting with marijuana. Many thought that was no big deal, but meanwhile, users and growers have learned how to increase the THC content, making it much more potent … and increasingly dangerous, especially for youth.

First, they claimed the government did not allow the study of marijuana – a bold faced lie!

There are now tens of thousands of legitimate scientific studies showing the dangers, and the following information shows the studies continue.   The following studies are so new, I suspect they’re not easily available on the net but you’ll be able to find at least the “abstracts” in the listed professional journals.

Following, you’ll find listed 180 scientific studies published last month alone – Sept.

Legalizers also began emulating “big tobacco” before the link to cancer was proven — buying off some M.D’s to claim there is no harm in using marijuana. Some went so far as to fund their own bogus studies.

Those of us who have lost loved ones to the tragedy of drug use have been working to try and get the truth to the public. Our attempts by-in-large have been thwarted by the liberal press who continues to lie and hide the truth, downplaying the damage done, while promoting full legalization.

Some activists are well paid for their work by the mega wealthy who want to control the markets; some are simply hedonists who want to ‘enjoy’ the use of their drug-of-choice w/o the stigma of arrest.   Others are just simply evil!

Who will you believe?  People working to save lives … or those with a self-serving agenda?

I’ve moved a few to the beginning … just for the sake of interest.pot art 3

Sept. 2014 studies:

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