Sgt. TAHMOORESSI vs. The NAIVETY of so many

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Watching Greta Van Susteren of Fox Cable News, of late, has been very touching. She seriously thought that her securing the requisite number of petitions from Americans concerned about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi would move Obama to assist the young marine (who is languishing in a hell-hole of a Mexican jail). I am aware that Ms. Van Susteren is a committed liberal, for whom it took five-plus years before she could speak negatively of Barack Obama, the liberals’ President. But as I observe her response to the Tahmooressi case, I can see just how naïve she and so many others are regarding the true nature of the creature who currently occupies the White House.

Barack Obama is a small, weak man who despises everything about the military and the men who serve. The masculinity of military culture (any military) is a threat to non-males like Barack Obama, as it is to women of a radical feminist bent. Obama is no more interested in assisting Sgt. Tahmooressi than the Man in the Moon is. Observing Americans grovel at his feet begging him to use his influence in the marine’s behalf serves to stroke his twisted and inflated ego. Meanwhile, he gives Ms. Van Susteren and the rest of America the middle finger.

I am very pleased that Greta Van Susteren and others are keeping the Tahmooressi case on the front burner. If nothing else, Sgt. Tahmooressi might be encouraged to endure. Knowing that people are working to free him, he can maintain a degree of hope. But I doubt that he will be freed by anything that Obama does.

I tire of witnessing the many instances of Americans expecting Obama to do the “right thing” or the “courageous thing” when it comes to any issue of what is best for America. Obama hates America; he hates its founding principles and particularly those Judeo-Christian elements, which form its base. I would venture to say that he also hates the white people who grovel at his feet, those who have gone to great pains to cast him as just another President who happens to be black. People such as Greta Van Susteren, who until recently, “had his back,” as the saying goes, and Bill O’Reilly (another Fox News commentator) who takes “Obama groveling” to a new level (anything for ratings). I would imagine that Obama gets a lot of private laughs out of O’Reilly’s groveling. I certainly would if I were someone like Barack Obama.

The very sad (and sobering) truth that the nation’s current condition reveals to me, and probably many other Americans, is that where this slow rot will end is inevitable.

Come November 2014, it is likely that Americans will vote out Democratic Party congressional leadership, which is a scourge on the nation and the primary enabler of Obama’s destructive policies. This will leave Obama surrounded by, likely, a Congress that is willing to impeach him and try him for criminal and treasonous behavior toward America. That done, his fanatical minions, the media, and other supporters will violently revolt. And I suspect that the rest of America will be so thoroughly fed up with the lawlessness and so pushed to the brink that there will be armed resistance to those revolting in opposition to Obama’s removal. The civil war will have begun. How it will end is yet to be determined.

Now, I know that some out there in fading America dare not even think of the scenario that I have just described. But not thinking it does not make it unviable. It can and will probably happen this way or in some similar fashion. I am of the firm belief that the two dominant and opposing worldviews that are now prevalent in America (the socialistic left and the conservative right, to describe them simplistically) cannot and will not coexist. They are diametrically opposed. History tells us that when a nation reaches this point, there is either war or one worldview capitulates and the other dominates. I do not see capitulation happening in America, which was born out of a revolutionary war.

I think it is time that we all wake up and prepare for the inevitable. America will not be salvaged over a peace pipe. Sorry, but life and freedom have never been and will never be so easy.

© Sylvia Thompson

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