As I’m standing in front of Planned Parenthood, holding a graphic sign. It depicts the awful violence performed on an innocent 10 week old fetus, I find myself wondering .. just who these men are, and why they’re so heavily invested in seeing abortion continue!

Certainly they’ve no functioning conscience, they’re cold and detached, focused on their own, self-serving, hedonistic world — but that’s obvious.  CS04-232x300Some of them, I assume, are just immature and it happens to be they’ve just not thought through what they feel and why they feel the way they do.

That seems especially true of the more than a dozen young teen “men” across the street from me.

They who whoop and holler @ the signs … now, when they see the huge 3′ wide by 4′ high posters – but at first, they seemed pensive, quiet, . . . even thoughtful, walking off by themselves to get a better view of each one I brought out.

But during the day, things changed; these, minimum wage young men wash a hundred or so cars for the Audi / VW car lot down the street — University Audi, and now, things have accelerated into a sort of “mob-mentality.

When I continue to stand there, and am not driven away, by the derisive comments which they shout (it’s probably a good thing I cannot hear well anyway.)  Then, when their participation became part of a “mob mentality,” I realized, they’re “on-the-clock” which mitigates / prevents, I suppose, more of a ‘physical’ response …

The first man that approached me there, that Monday morning, was a neighbor. He was working on his empty rental, business-front property, making it more presentable. His motivation was only obvious as he told me, “you can’t do that here! It’s illegal!”

Renting, with Planned Parenthood as a neighbor, and protestors out front . . .

Last week, back in White Center, that was almost the exact same words the security guy from Roxy’s Casino mouthed … He got on his radio and told his boss I wasn’t leaving, that I’d informed him what I was doing was legal and to feel free to call the cops and complain.

I assume it was the boss that appeared moments later, positioning his car oddly, … in a way so as to send a few feet of gravel flying my way as he burned a few dollars worth of rubber off his tires . . .

What occurs to me is, it seems that these men, … those so “pro-choice” … if their lady realizes her aborted fetus was actually a child, all it may mean to them is:
1. an end to free, unfettered sex
2. possibly, an end to their relationship,
3. a loss of business to their establishment, or even
4. pressure to get married which has little chance to survive in light of the violence already a part of their history

But it’s an equal number of women who flip the bird at me as they drive by, and they do it w/o hesitation … another question arises in my mind – have they had abortions?

Post-traumatic abortion is a heavy thing! I know personally.  I pray as I’m there, that my sign’s presence initiates the needed healing progress to begin for them, if that’s the case … and if not, I pray it makes a potentially future patron of “Planned Parenthood” realize the horrific violence … they’d be causing — that the amazing 10 – 11 week old “fetus” pictured, is actually a little human, . . . not just “a blob of flesh”!

Prayer for them, … is essential and it fills me these afternoons!

Guess that goes for the men too. That seems to me, to be why I’m beginning to be assaulted – the men – they’re inherently more prone to it.  There’s no rational, legitimate, peaceful response!

The sign is hard to look at . . . and it must evoke some type of response!

Most of the verbal responses are telling me the sign is disgusting – they’re right; it is.

My responses, run the full gamut – I don’t quite understand why it differs so from one time to another.

I try to remain in prayer during the entire time … but I get distracted.  At times, I guess, it depends on the intonations of their comments as they roll down the window to speak to me, or just to yell something unintelligible as they go by.

I try to tell those who don’t understand, “as long as the horrific violence is hidden, … it’ll continue!”

One black gal in the passenger seat today opened her window and said “take that down! It’s my daughter’s birthday today; I don’t need to see that!”

I said in reply – “I know; I have a hard time looking at it too. It’s just that if the folks don’t see the violence, it’ll continue, and this … needs to end!”

Her response?   It was surprising — “I hear ya.  You’re right there!”

It’s a big city, after all – everyone’s different. It is interesting … some want to kill the messenger; some don’t get why I’m here, but I’m learning – as my lovely, beloved Sharon reminds me, “a soft answer turns away wrath”.

It was yesterday, when I was first really assaulted.  The others were minor.

A young man, seemed to be reaching for my 2 signs.   I moved them just out of his reach.   He took me by both shoulders and violently threw me to the ground – hard!  Having ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, I have little muscle tone left to resist such attacks.   I believe he came from the church I was holding my signs in front of – it happened so quickly, I couldn’t tell for sure – he came from that direction but I’d not seen him exit.  And of course, he didn’t stick around – he walked off like a fascist coward . . .

Now, I guess, would be a good time for me to look back again … 37 years ago, when I took my beloved daughter for an abortion.

All I wanted for her, . . . was a chance at a better life!   She’d followed in my inept footsteps and descended into a thoughtless sexual relationship, found herself pregnant and ran away from her mom’s.   I couldn’t handle seeing her pain.  I loved her so – I still do!!!

Taking her for an abortion was compounding one tragedy with another!

She probably doesn’t realize why she refuses to talk to me, …   To this day I carry the pain, having to love her from afar … as I continue to grieve … almost 4 decades of pain …

… mistakes … we all make ’em … but do we continue to learn from ’em?   And do we attempt to give back?

About josiahe

Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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