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THE KORAN: On Israel

Muslims are NOT a stupid people, but are they gullible, … sometimes? Well, they don’t research it to see if it’s true … What do you mean?   Research what?   See if what’s true? That, their “Holy Book”, the Koran, states that … Continue reading

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A regular real estate commission will be paid to CRI, the company that was given the exclusive listing for handling the sales, but who would have expected a California Senator to be the benefactor — Richard Blum — the husband … Continue reading

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We really DON’T Have a Clue!

Having read the end of the book, and knowing that the book not only warns us of what is just ahead, but that it also contains wisdom, and on top of that, it’s filled with predictions, .. not one of which … Continue reading

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Almost every time we see him, this bigoted, divisive, leftist President … every time he steps in front of the cameras he seems to be saying something controversial – – – is his agenda just to divide our nation, or … Continue reading

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Certainly Seattle’s attention, praise and adoration was turned towards their team the SEAHAWKS, today as an unexpected crowd of over 700,000 strong, surged, shoulder to shoulder into downtown Seattle, in below freezing weather to scream, wave their “12th man” Flags … Continue reading

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DRUG USE: The HIGH Price We All Pay!

Scripture, our main source of wisdom, warns us of our tongue, even tells us to control our thoughts.   Why?   When we don’t, we’re a danger to ourselves and others. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, one of my favorite actors, was found dead … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Contrary to what the “digital goddess” predicted was about to happen, the SodaStream was aired, and was even expounded upon by some of the media. I truly suspect Kim Komando has it wrong this time.   She says the SuperBowl has refused … Continue reading

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