Finally someone says it right … what’s been pent up in my head, wanting said, … comes from an intellectual, black Canadian — he says this much better than I could, so hoping it will get more attention, I “reblog” it here.  My additional comments are in red text.   josiah

Those who have taken up the mantle of America’s founders and purposed to defend the republic against the communistic designs of the Obama administration and the oligarchical collectivism that it is attempting to usher in with the aid of congressional Democrats, turncoat Republicans, the press and others, must bear in mind that these actions are the culmination of a decades-long political war of attrition, and long-term planning.

The beginning of the last century of course saw the advent of the modern progressives who, while not communists, were narcissistic, big-government elites who fancied themselves every bit as wise as America’s founders, if not more so. The infiltration of communists into the mix gained momentum in the 1960s and set us on track for where we find ourselves today.

Thus, as patriots – some newly awakened to the gravity of our peril – gird their loins for what could wind up being a literal battle for America, they must also realize that such villains as we fight, like any well-entrenched enemy:

  • cannot be expected to surrender unless their capacity for aggression is neutralized, and
  • should be expected to employ all of the implements they would have accumulated in their arsenal over decades of preparation.

In the coming months, it is likely that American patriots will initiate decisive action against the Obama administration, elements of the corrupt Congress and the bloated bureaucracy our federal government has become. This will probably begin with large-scale peaceful demonstrations. To that end, there is a great deal of grass-roots organization taking place. Much of this is taking place in cyberspace and, to a lesser degree, over the airwaves.

Inasmuch as there are politicians, activist judges, lobbyists, consultants, academics, media personalities and government functionaries who have insinuated themselves into their places of influence and crafted their strategy over many, many years, it is reasonable to assume that they have prepared individuals to infiltrate the ranks of patriot organizations.

What I’m talking about are dedicated operatives and surrogates of the Obama administration being placed within patriot organizations, on social media, in chat rooms and initiating mailing lists – just about every locale or method one might consider. They are well-versed in the tactics of old-school Marxists such as Obama mentors Saul Alinsky and Fred Newman, communist icons who distilled the most potent, evil aspects of history’s political deceptions into their doctrine and the methods they have implemented in America over the last several decades. Newman’s International Workers Party, for example, was particularly adept at identifying emerging communistic and democratic organizations alike, subverting them via infiltration, sowing dissent and dissolution, and then folding their membership into the IWP. We know that Newman (who died in 2011) was instrumental in the ascendency of such luminaries as Rev. Al Sharpton and former “Republican” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Don’t overlook, Van Jones, Obama’s former “green” Czar, an admitted, card-carrying Communist, now a CNN commentator.

At this stage of the game, there are literally thousands of front groups with similar objectives, many of which have direct ties to communist power players.

Speaking of which (both power players and front groups), financier George Soros, one of the more august figures in this tragic comedy, is well acquainted with these odious methodologies, being an ethnic Jew who helped to round up other Jews for the Nazi Party in Hitler’s occupied Europe. Yet, at a meeting of the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, last week, Soros held a private summit with none other than U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Given the level of collusion between such ostensibly opposed parties, as well as the unified effort of Republican leaders to demonize and marginalize patriot organizations such as the tea party, there should be no surprise at the capabilities of the truly radical elements at work at every level of endeavor. Lest I digress, anyone who has read up on the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and how it has wormed its cancerous tentacles into local affairs in America will understand of what I speak.

While the administration has become more overt in its tyranny, such as in the targeting of conservative nonprofit groups and political enemies like Dinesh D’Souza and James O’Keefe (via proxy Andrew Cuomo), this is just the surface activity. Below the waves, there are sharks of various species trolling the waters, eager to pick off unwary groups and individuals.

The Operation American Spring event scheduled for this May in Washington, D.C., has gained a great deal of momentum at the grass-roots level. Already, the organizers have found it necessary to warn the ranks that not every “patriot” they encounter in their travels is going to be what they appear. Obviously, the principals of OAS would be remiss indeed had they not expected it, but inasmuch as no one involved has ever done this before and few are seasoned political operatives, some chaos is bound to be generated.

Much of what I have seen thus far has involved “concerned patriots” initially expressing apprehension with regard to the physical safety of the participants. More often than not, this quickly devolves into assertions that prospective OAS participants are crazy because Obama will mow them down with machine gun fire before they even reach the Capitol.

This in and of itself could be considered alarmism, but in light of the fact that most of the people engaged in this effort know their rights, it more appears that there is an effort on to simply intimidate people involved in patriot groups. It also displays ignorance of what would likely follow should the president commit to such rash action.

Considering the lawlessness of our president and the political bent of this White House, there is certainly potential danger in any decisive effort to convey Americans’ dissatisfaction with them, and with the culture of corruption in our government. However, many have paid the ultimate price toward the preservation of this nation over the years, and the obscenities currently inhabiting Washington and threatening our freedoms are far worse than anything the founders ever faced.

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