SEAN PENN – and other ‘Brown Shirts’ like him

Radical Leftist Penn

Radical Leftist Penn

On Oct. 21, actor Sean Penn – who is actually taken as a serious activist by a lot of people – told CNN’s Piers Morgan that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and other tea-party lawmakers serving in Congress should be committed to mental institutions via executive order.

If the reader recalls, this is precisely how the Soviet Union used to handle some of its political dissidents. If one was crazy enough to speak out against such a brutal and effective totalitarian regime, they obviously needed to be committed, right?

Just 2 days before, On Oct. 19, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen called tea-party congressmen “domestic enemies” against whom he had taken his oath to defend the country.

Tenn. Rep. Cohen - a Fraiser look-alike?

Tenn. Rep. Cohen – a Fraiser look-alike?

Hyperbole, yes, but far more dangerous than that; this sort of top-down rhetoric serves to dehumanize those against whom the left holds antipathy.

Where this kind of talk leads, though —

On Oct. 25, the Washington Times reported that on Aug. 6, Maryland State Police  and federal agents used a search warrant in an unrelated criminal investigation  to seize the private files of Audrey Hudson, a former investigative journalist  for the Washington Times. Earlier, Hudson had exposed problems in the Department  of Homeland Security’s Federal Air Marshals Service …

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