As usual, what I reported two weeks ago, is now, finally, showing up on the mainstream / lamestream media …..  Now that it can no longer be hidden, … they report it, but still with their own agenda taking the spotlight ….

His family is, of course, claiming that the fights, his former run-ins with police, stolen property in his locker at school, his pot use, (plus the now known fact that it was in his system) are of zero relevance — that these incidents have nothing to do with his character.

Isn’t this a case of who made poor judgments … isn’t his past relevant?   Did his family keep Trayvon on the straight and narrow?   Are they (Trayvon’s family) protecting their failures from being looked at?

George’s parents and his brother and his friends have testified to his exemplary character, and lack of prejudice but the media (as well as the court) persists in supporting the ban of allowing Trayvon’s character examined.

It’s so obvious the court and especially the prosecutors office is running in fear of the political repercussions of possible riots driven by the liberal media, exploiting racism!

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Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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