BOSTON: Not All Is Calm ……

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Twitter Carterrorists license plate?UPDATE:  Unofficial sources are now claiming there was a 12 person cell supporting the bombers; are these photos of them?   (their license plates brag they are.)

Though the celebrating continued into today, (Neil Diamond even showed up today @ Fenway and sang “Sweet Caroline” in person), … but not all is well in Boston suburbs …. More terrorist-friendly students are finally attracting attention of law enforcement . . . .

Once again, I ask “Why are we allowing these students into our nation?”, and “Why did Obama recently make it easier for Saudi nationals to come to school here?”

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Two owners of ‘Terrorista #1’ BMW believed to be friends of surviving Boston bombing suspect taken into custody for second time. They are thought to be from Kazakhstan and had not been seen since the bombings until Friday night when their ground floor apartment in New Bedford, MA, was raided by a dozen FBI agents at gunpoint.

Dzhokar placing bomb near 8 year old Martin Richards

Dzhokar placing bomb near 8 year old Martin Richards

One of their girlfriends was also arrested. All three are in their late teens or early 20s. The three were subsequently released on Friday night before Saturday’s arrest of the two men.
Their apartment was raised because police say the younger Boston Marathon bombing suspect, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, may have lived at their address.

MailOnline has discovered another link – Dzhokhar Tweeted pictures of the car on his Twitter account J_tsar.
In one picture the BMW is next to another dark coloured sports car with the caption: ‘Place your bets’ as if they are about to race.
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In another a group of boys stand by both vehicles and a youth can be seen making a gesture that looks like a gun towards the camera.
The three arrests took place at the Hidden Brook housing complex in New Bedford.
A neighbor claimed that the men had said the BMW was stolen or that they claimed they had rented it and were not paying the rental fee.
The neighbour said that when the the police raided the apartment there were armed officers on the tennis court out the back on a tennis court lying down with their guns pointed towards the apartment.
The FBI later brought a U-Haul truck to the rear of the apartment but did not take anything away.
The neighbour said that when the boys were led out she heard ‘scuffles’ and that they were led away with their hands in zip ties.
The neighbour said ‘I’ve not spoken to them since the bombings. They have thick accents so I find it hard to understand them anyway
‘They went away for a couple of weeks a few months ago but they did not say where. I don’t know if they went back to Kazakhstan.
Two Russian speaking men in their early 20s later arrived at the apartment and told reporters they were journalists from the Boston Globe.
They then entered the apartment through an unlocked patio door. When asked what they were doing they said: ‘We are friends of theirs. They are talking, they are talking’ and closed the door.
When MailOnline rang the City desk of the Boston Globe, a man said: ‘We’re very busy right now. Consider us informed’.
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Tweet: Dzhokar had tweeted pictures of himself with the car on his account under the name J_tsar

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