When all is said and done, my opinion is that, Acer is not worth dealing with!

Before I start, let me give you a challenge.  Pretend you have an Acer computer and you need to contact them.  Go to their webpage and just try!   It ain’t easy!!!!

I’ll give you a hint; once you have their phone number, they’ll direct you to then try that and see how far you get.   I’m even still frustrated trying to get the URL of this “complaint blog” to them!

That said, this am I just got an email from them, offering me a “deal”, a discount.   As I’ve been frustrated trying to reach a live person there @ Acer, if I get my money back, I’ll pull this down.   If it’s still up on the net, figure they’re someone you may not want to do business with, for someone in the chain of command, lied to my bank, and I consider myself having been RIPPED OFF!

The credit card company which I used to pay for their inept repair service (contracted out of India) refuses to refund my money, because the people at Acer lied to the bank and said that I’d said my computer was fixed.   That’s a lie; it wasn’t.   I had to format my computer and restore the operating system!

Now, months later, after purchasing another (better) anti-virus and formatting my computer, I’m still trying to recover data, after the 3rd attempt from Carbonite, I’m still going through this, downloading backups again, for the 4th time.

It was the people in India that told me it was fixed; Acer contracts with these people who though they speak English, it’s with a heavy accent / dialect.   

Outsourcing!   Not my favorite concept of U.S. Corporations cutting costs!   Thanks for using their service Acer!   The only way I knew it wasn’t fixed, was by hanging up, rebooting, and trying my computer again!   After trying that 3 times, my comment is:   A curse on the house of ACER!

If you’re under warranty, you may have no problem.   My aspire functioned well, for a time . . . . but that’s not the entire story.   Lord help you should you need tech support!

The 2nd time my Aspire malfunctioned, after sending it in again, it was returned, fixed correctly, but again, that’s not the entire story!

But the support?   I’d recommend another computer brand if you’ve not already purchased Acer, . . . but that’s just me; . . . admittedly, I’m pretty really old and therefore demanding; I’ve got this hangup:

For some obscure reason, I like what I pay for, to work!

I found it impossible to get a live person, when I’ve called previously.   They begin with by giving you, via recorded message, another number . . . . you follow it, and there’s another impossible maze which directs  you to the online computer support which may or may not help.

If your computer is down, and you must go to a friend’s or to the library, make sure you take all the pertinent information with you.

Calling their support, one has to have the proper numbers (from the back of the computer) to even get through to a recorded message.   Again, . . . TOTALLY INEPT!

Once you’re warranty is out of date, good luck!   Be aware, they told me I had a software problem w/o hearing my complaint nor asking questions – probably because of the fact that my hardware was still under warranty!

After a ridiculous fee, they shuffled me off to talk with someone in India, this, only after insisting that I had no hardware problem.   (Later calls, after 3 unsuccessful attempts to fix my computer, they suggested I purchase more RAM, [wouldn’t that be considered hardware?] but alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.)

Attempting to understand the tech support person in India, was more than a challenge!   (FYI: I’m told [not sure it’s true as the only 2 firms I’ve tried this with, refused to cooperate this way] that if one asks to speak to a a qualified person in America, they are required, by law, to do so.)

With no other alternative, I went with the heavy accented east Indian, after explaining I was hard of hearing and they must speak slowly, … evidently an impossibility!

I actually understood a lot of what they said w/o having to stop them and ask them to repeat it . . . often several times.   :  /

Once past that though, he took over control of my laptop, via a remote program, changed things around on my computer, and told me – “thank you” for my patience, and that my computer was fixed.

(Before calling back, when I discovered it wasn’t fixed, I got my grumbling out of the way and) same thing . . . . he took over control via a remote program, manipulated a few different things, installed a “fix-it program” all while I watched, and again, told me my computer was fixed.

When I called back again, the third time, same thing, except this time, after the manipulation, . . . most likely realizing this was going to continue, he suggested I purchase more RAM, and Oh; he just happened to have a great deal on it – 8 Gigs for $113 and change!

I told him I’d think on it.   When he called me back, the next day, to secure his attempt at “upselling” me, I informed him that I’d already purchased it.   The price I paid locally?   $46.99.   So much for the “deal”; at least I wasn’t that stupid, but I write this hoping to impact their sales because of their way of doing business.

Oh; my computer?   It’s still messed up!   The additional Ram, helped slightly.   Once I reboot, wait for the system to come up, I can actually email friends . . . but that’s only if I wait long enough; it works slower than a snail on a greased stainless-steel, radical incline . . . .

About josiahe

Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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