UPDATE / 10/9/2011:  As documents recently made public, proved that Atty. Gen. Holder lied to the House Oversight and Reform Committee, next week, Representative Darrell Issa, (R – Ca), will issue more subpoenas – targeted, is Atty. Gen. Holder and other top officials of the DOJ.  

Rep. Issa would not have this power as the chair of this committee, had not Republicans won control of the house, re-establishing at least one of the intended checks and balances to the out-of-control Federal D.C. government.

The issue of subpoenas is to determine 1) the truth about what they knew when and 2) from what level (or whom) the orders came from for this ill-conceived operation.

Those who designed, planned, instituted, and oversaw “FAST & FURIOUS” (AKA “Gun Walker”) are, at the very least, guilty of “Accessory to Murder”!   

It’s still “murder” to kill, … citizens of other nations or not ….. unless, that is, we’re at war with that nation.  

Those who provided the weapons, knowing how they were to be used, are guilty.  American undercover agents have also been killed!

Mexican citizens are being murdered by the Cartels which, it turns out, … are being supplied with automatic weapons by our Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco (ATF) Agency.

Is this not an ACT OF WAR?  

To supply criminals of one nation, automatic arms is unconscionable, yet our government agencies have been doing so.

Was Attorney General Eric Holder part of this group, or just knowledgable about what was going on?   How about Hillary Clinton, or even President Obama?   The ATF was; we know that for sure now!  

But who gave the orders for this to begin and what was their motivation?

The Attorney General Holder has already been shown to have lied to a Congressional hearing about what he knew and when he knew it …. 

As the highest law enforcement officer in the nation, his excuse (that he didn’t understand the question) was more than lame!  He should resign and indicted.

Also, the Department of Justice has been “stonewalling” producing the documents requested by the Congress.

What their motivation for supplying these weapons, was/is another question!  2nd Amendment supporters believe it was to set a case to limit the possessions of semi-and-fully automatic weapons.   It is NOT illegal to possess a fully automatic weapon though most Americans believe it is; many exist.   They’re in the hands of responsible people.

Those who want to do away with the 2nd Amendment, and confiscate citizen’s guns, say we should trust them instead.   I’m quite sure King George felt the same way – that our forefathers which revolted, should have laid down their arms and trusted England, allowing them to continue their Colonialism.

If people remember, the administration was already blaming citizens for profiting for smuggling guns to sell to Cartel members, yet as it turns out, it was the government who was actually doing it. 

Also, Secretary of State Clinton is promoting a treaty with the U.N., which flies in the face of / contradicts the U.S. Constitution.   Is she a traitor as well?   Looks like it!

This movement goes way back in time, even before the Brady bill.

Yet if one looks at this issue from the other side (impossible for liberal fascists), Japan’s Emperor admitted that the reason Japan never invaded the U.S. was because the entire population was armed to the teeth!

Our forefathers, purposefully put the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution because of the historical fact that what kept governments from becoming totalitarian was ONLY successfully opposed by an armed populace.

It’s that simple!  Those who read both sides of arguments, often yield to the most rational side of the argument.  Liberals and Progressives don’t; they have their agenda and manipulate the media and participate in these types of clandestine operations …..

The “Shot-Heard-Round-the-World” is supported by those who love freedom; the repeal of what keeps America free, and criminals in fear, is the possession of firearms by those who will protect their families.

Those who’ve forgotten what happened when our nation’s citizens disagreed with what England (now an ally?) did when we became over taxed are not thinking that history can ever repeat itself!

Remember; those of us who believe in freedom will die in order to ensure our children’s future will include the right to choose how they want to live!   Yesterday, Glenn Beck admitted he believes we’re headed toward civil war.

Most conservatives believe those who believe the government has no ulterior motive, live in a fantasy world and are about to lose their freedoms …. all of them / …. er, rather “US”.

Here’s a link to the time-line of this issue called: “Gunrunner”, “Fast & Furious”, and “Gun Walker”.   Before you make your final decision, consider that:

  • Eric Holder, Attorney General, refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party members who were accused of and shown on tape, voter intimidation.
  • Barach Obama appointed Holder, and Barach Obama marched with the New Black Panther Party protestors (who are on videotape calling for the murder of white babies).
  • American cities are now the kidnapping capital of the world because of the Cartels.
  • Narco-terrorism is here, impacting the U.S. and the government refuses to close the borders.

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Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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  1. Steve Dennis says:

    Thanks for the link and great post! I have been calling for Holder to be prosecuted; as well as tampering with the evidence at Brian Terry’s murder sight and obstructing justice, I do believe that someone in the administration is an accessory to murder and I do believe that Eric Holder authorized this.

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