Obama’s busy changing the tax codes …..   Some believe this is surprising if he’s counting on donations to his campaign from Wall Street’s entrepreneurs, but like it or not, … that’s what’s reportedly going down.

The largest and most successful of America’s corporations hire huge numbers of tax lawyers whose only job is to seek out usable loopholes in the tax codes.

Now, with the Obama administration gearing up to close the loopholes, there’ll not only be more unemployed high-salaried lawyers, more unemployment across the nation, being that the new IRS agents will be used to insure the coming higher tax rates, which will close the door to business in America driving America’s corporations (and jobs) overseas.

Somehow, this is the results former Obama voters will see the loss of jobs, followed by the required raise in taxes, … as UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES …. but they’re wrong; this was intended all along.   Of course, they’ll claim ignorance …. (though after telling us how intelligent and street savvy this president is) …   They’ll say they thought it would never mean that it would drive LOYAL AMERICAN CORPORATIONS overseas ….. yea, right!

About josiahe

Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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