Those who don’t know the history of Communism and the old “Workers of the World” union, (as well as all the other Communist Unions), and what’s happened to nations that got sucked into this evil, …. the saying goes that they are doomed to be victims of it again.

We should all know the history of Russia and how Communism came about, evolved, and how it was spread, throughout the world, …. how violent it was, …… and how the intent of it is to enslave the unaware, ….. these idiots who’ve not undertaken the task to educate themselves, are those who leave the door open for these thugs and they’re much more than dangerous than just your normal criminals…..   As recently as 40 years ago, All Americans knew!

These idiots know nothing of life; they don’t understand how the world works – they know nothing about laziness and motivation.   They want everything handed to them on a stolen silver platter!

Obviously they have probably never even had Grimm’s Fairy Tales read to them – about the grasshopper and the ant.   Their parents have been not only irresponsible, but can be catagorized as extremely poor parents!  

Those with evil inbred into them await such times as these!   We’re watching a historical transition – the GaGa-ization of America

The “dumbing-down” of America has grave consequences —- Case in Point: President Obama!

About josiahe

Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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