You remember the phrase from the movie: “A Few Good Men”?   The memorable line in that movie “You Can’t Handle The Truth.”, has to be their reason they’re not telling us, right?

UPDATED: in red text.

Geologists know.   Vulcanologists know.  Why is it the media is not telling you?   What’s coming is a volcanic eruption.   I guess the answer to the following question is the time it takes to occur?  That said, I’m sorry; I should but, I don’t know but one should, if one lives in an area where this is possible.  I suggest people in Japan ask their scholars.  I suspect, that most likely, the time is determined by whether volcanoes already exist, but again, … that’s conjecture.  

Another issue: “Catastrophic Geology” is an unaccepted theory in all of academia and if one teaches it, one is put upon by hoardes of experts calling “foul”.   They lose their position, and are unable to secure another, but the theory is real; it’s just that it occurs so rarely, yet it will again.

Here’s a link, for those of us in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s another “theory/projection” from a USGS site: The boundary between the Pacific and Juan de Fuca Plates is marked by a broad submarine mountain chain about 500 kilometers long, known as the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Young volcanoes, lava flows, and hot springs were discovered in a broad valley less than 8 kilometers wide along the crest of the ridge in the 1970’s. The ocean floor is spreading apart and forming new ocean crust along this valley or “rift” as hot magma from the Earth’s interior is injected into the ridge and erupted at its top. 

Note this “theory” just above, states that the volcano(es) could develop in the ocean off the coast.  I suspect the Cascadis Range is much more likely than this “theory” … and the reason the media nor anyone else is predicting “how long” after a “quake” a volcanoe will erupt, … is (I suspect) because no one knows …..

Following Subduction quakes ….. wait!  Following?   First, you need to know, a subduction quake is where one tectonic plate, is pushing under one or more other plates.

Here’s a graphic depiction of what is happening, not only below Japan but below every subduction zone.

Make note of the arrow and the X's.

What is keeping the two Continental plates – the crust of the earth; hard rocks locked together is represented by the X’s.

The more locked together they are, the longer between quakes, therefore, the more intense the resulting quakes are likely to be when they finally break loose.

When the fresh magma exits from deep trenches under the ocean and presses outwards, the more pressure builds up at the edges of the plate.

Here’s another depiction of the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire.” The red triangles represent more than the location of the ring …. they’re (mostly dormant) volcanos.

As the crust of the earth, (tectonic plates) break loose, the land jumps and rolls toward and into the ocean – Japan moved 8 feet.

In the bath, or pool, if one pushes a large amount of water away, it eventually returns.  Tsunamis are the result.

Possibly, eventually, more importantly, the plate pushing toward us, pushes down under us, and into the extremely hot-melted magma toward the core of the earth.   That sets up a new convection current below us, and over time, a volcano results – inland from the edge of the plate.

Japan’s nuclear reactors sat at the edge of the ocean, which was very near the subduction zone and therefore has suffered damage – (experts say) mostly from the resulting tsunami.

The world awaits the outcome, of the nuclear destruction, but how does this impact the U.S.?   A volcano in Japan could produce massive ash and clouds impacting production of food, travel, but …. we too (as can be seen from the graphic) sit on the ring of fire.

Here in Oregon, we’re into the window of geographic-historically-recorded quakes which frequent our west coast every 3-500 years.

The last significant quake occurred here Jan. 1st, 1700.   That was confirmed by the tsunami which hit Japan hours afterward, so we’re 11+ years into the 300 year window.

After the convection current begins (cool crust, melting and sinking, as the hotter magma pushes upward) a volcano results.  Again another, graphic representation:

Indian folklore predicts that when Grand-daughter (Mt. St. Helen) calls, Grandfather (Ranier) will answer.

Should you live in fear?  No!

Should you prepare so Japan’s plight does not replay itself here?  Certainly!

For those you love, water, and food are the staples of life.  Save and rotate staples ….  Hopefully, it will be decades or centuries in our future.

However, there are predictions of more frequent and more intense quakes – described as similar to “birthing pangs” by the scholarly, who research Scripture.   As the quakes intensify in frequency, they’re described, appropriately so, as “Birth Pangs”.

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Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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