Cultural Sensitivity? Or, Political Correctness?

Pictures in Stars and Stripes feature female U.S. service members deployed in Afghanistan, without helmets, and instead wearing the Islamic headscarf – a hijab. 

  • Why?
  • Whether the safety of our women in the service of our nation, deployed into harm’s way is jeopardized by trading the helmet for the hijab, and
  • How far up the chain of command did this change come from ……
  •  Are women in the Foreign Service, and/or the Department of State, serving in Afghanistan also wearing the hijab?
  • These are all legitimate questions!

What next?  Segregating our troops in nations that have a policy of Apartheid?

In Barack Obama’s Cairo speech in June 2009, he stated, “I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal.”   Obama implied, incorrectly, that wearing of the hijab is by choice. 

Even in the U.S. and Canada, young Muslim women have been killed by their fathers for refusing to submit to Islamic practices, including covering their hair — their “crime” being their desire to fit in and to look like other American girls.  Thinking that our servicewomen can “reach” Islamic women endangers both Islamic wives and our service-women from retaliation. 

Back in 2001, Congress unanimously rejected, with support from feminists and religious freedom advocates, subjecting female service members to requirements of an Islamic regime that relegates women to second-class status.  Why the change?

It’s more disturbing that signs of submission to Islam are creeping back into the U.S. Armed Forces.  Maybe the U.S. Army should drop charges agains Major Nidal Hassan as well?

Most importantly, a headscarf is no protection against a sniper, suicide bomber, or an IED.  A helmet is standard protective gear for the most important part of the human body: the brain.  A female soldier in a headscarf limits her peripheral vision, a problem when operating in a hostile or potentially hostile environment and identifies them as an American unprotected by traditional front-line gear. 

Mrs. Hemenway is a retired former DoD official and congressional staffer.

Info / perspective Printed from: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/02/are_us_servicewomen_trading_th.html at February 05, 2011 – 11:33:46 AM CST

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  1. Steve Dennis says:

    Wow! I have not seen this anywhere before, this is incredible and you have to think that this comes right from the top. How can a president order these women to remove their helmets and wear the hijab in the middle of a war zone?! This is insane!

    • josiahe says:

      Please feel free to write on this too; your posts are always so articulate and I’m sure you have tons more readers!

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