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GROUND ZERO MOSQUE: New revelations

Thanks to Judicial Watch, just hours ago, it was revealed how hard New York City Mayor Bloomberg worked to help establish the Mosque at Ground zero.   The mainstream media of course still fails to mention what we exposed months ago … Continue reading

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CHICAGO: Dirty Politics? AGAIN? STILL?

No one expected anything different, not if they know politics in Chicago anyway.  Rahm, Mr. “Sharp Elbows” himself, was ok’d to run for mayor after they stated he was sill considered a resident although he was living in D.C.   Only in Chicago … Continue reading

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She’d broken her word when she decided to not honor the primary defeat she’d suffered; she’d promised to support the nominee, …… but surprise of surprises, it wasn’t her!  So, did anyone expect anything less?   Her record seeking pork and earmarks … Continue reading

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COMMERCIAL PILOT: Punished and guns confiscated.

The pilot, was critical of TSA and called airport security, “a farce”, and “smoke and mirrors“.   Sound like a reason to be “punished”?   Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, (called “Big Sis” by the media – in lieu of Big Brother) is … Continue reading

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Even though (state to state) the data is poor, and testing inconsistent, a quick, preliminary, unverified analysis of the NHTSA data, indicates a unexplained  correlation …. between the increase of auto collisions, severe injuries / traffic fatalities, and use of … Continue reading

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Arab terrorists fired into Israel on Monday and Tuesday in an unexpected flare-up two years after Israel’s devastating offensive on the Hamas-controlled coastal strip. Will Netanyahu do what his predecessor would not? | EL AVIV — (TCSM) On the … Continue reading

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Everyone’s tired of seeing certain TV advertisements but ….  Remember the TV advertisement for “The Clapper”?   Can you hear the stupid “Clap On, Clap Off?”   Irritating jingles go in circles in our head when the situation is right …… or wrong.   … Continue reading

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For those who are surprised about President Obama’s advocacy of the repeal of DADT, exhibited his pro-gay agenda, AND, the loud support as he announced the repeal today, …… maybe you need to remember the band he chose to march in … Continue reading

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Obvious deception not withstanding by our media, sometimes, all it takes is pictures – this has been one hellofayear!   See the “DISHONEST REPORTING AWARDS“.    

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DON’T ASK DON’T TELL: Still in the closet!

EXCERPTS:  Washington Post article on Gays in the military: The law, however, specifically states that the changes must be “consistent with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion, and recruiting and retention of the Armed Forces.” The option … Continue reading

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