GAY TREASON: Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell Policy backfires

You won’t see this in the lamestream media, ….. not for a while, …. and possibly, … not at all!


This scandal, if it hits the news, could cause major damage to the liberal / progressive movement (and the Obama Administration in particular) across the nation!   The gay lifestyle being so hedonistic and tied to drug abuse, some believe that tolerance toward gays could and should come to an abrupt end.

Leaked classified info to MIT students?

According to the Telegraph, the soldier at the center of the scandal was an angry, openly homosexual, with a growing grudge against the U.S. military

Most likely, mental health of homosexuals in the military will also come into question according to the same article in the Telegraph, one of England’s best known newspapers.

Of course (p)Resident Obama could attempt to cover up this scandal.  Radical gays feel, he owes them.   President Obama had promised during the 2008 campaign to repeal the policy, and while in office, has championed the “rights” of homosexual and “transgendered” people to high-level federal positions.  

Radical gays saw the band Southern Decadence.   (BEWARE – OFFENSIVE) featured in the Inagural parade as a sign that things were about to change

Would Obama risk a cover-up?  The riveting Telegraph account of Manning’s anger raises serious questions of how the soldier was able to flaunt his homosexuality despite the fact that the Pentagon still officially has a policy in place of excluding open homosexuals from military service.

In a clear indication that the “official policy” was being ignored by the Obama Administration, the evidence demonstrates that Manning was continuing to serve, after openly flaunting his homosexuality, … even including on Facebook.

Who in the Obama Administration—and the Department of Defense – was aware of his conduct and looked the other way?  Was Manning given a ‘pass‘ because his “lifestyle” was now considered to be in favor and acceptable under the Obama Administration?

Now, in light of the leak of classified information, because of the obvious mishandling of this homosexual ticking time bomb, this scandal endangers America’s soldiers, and Afghanistan residents revealed as informers on Taliban members.

The media is acknowledging that the theft and “leaks” of classified military information could cost lives of our military and of Afghan residents is the current flap, but this information about the perpetrator being gay, has not hit the mainstream / lamestream media as yet. 

In another bizarre twist, reliable reports suggest that Private First Class Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army Intelligence analyst accused of leaking the classified information to the [2] website, was not only a homosexual but was considering a sex change.  Manning was arrested at the end of May and is being detained by U.S. authorities.

The Telegraph features photographs of Manning, who could face more than 50 years in prison for treasonous conduct, holding up a sign with rainbow colors demanding “equality on the battlefield” and participating in a gay pride parade.  

Much of this article was from ”Accuracy In Media“  See their article for more complete and timely information!

UPDATE:  Here is the letter sent to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News (not that they’re likely to air it) :

“O” Mr. Bill,

You and Stossel skated all around the “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” policy ….. yet you didn’t mention the news of the day; no mainstream media (including Fox) has as yet, at least none that I know of ….   See:

Openly gay, PFC Manning, having not only flaunted his “sexual orientation” is at the center of the WikiLeaks scandal is the case-in-point.   Supposedly, he was angry at the policy and wanted a sex-change operation. 

Just how would they have handled that and why is this being swept under the media rug? 

If you’re “looking out for us”, why didn’t you face this ‘square on’ instead of bringing it  up and discussing it square on?   Surely, this scandal was what brought you to discuss the policy; evidently your policy is “Don’t Ask and Don’t truly discuss it” ….. Just like our (p)Resident Obama.  

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