Drug sales online are out of control!

July 16 – WASHINGTON – See for complete article.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Office of Applied Studies released a new study showing a 400 percent increase in substance abuse treatment admissions for prescription pain relievers.

The study, Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions Involving Abuse of Pain Relievers 1998-2008, conducted by the SAMHSA, and based on the agency’s Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) reveals a 400 percent increase between 1998 and 2008 of substance abuse treatment admissions for those aged 12 and over reporting abuse of prescription pain relievers. The increase in the percentage of admissions abusing pain relievers spans every age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, employment level, and region. The study also shows a more than tripling of pain reliever abuse among patients who needed treatment for opioid dependence.

“The data released today is alarming and shows the tremendous damage being caused by prescription drug abuse all across this country each and every day,” said DEA Acting Administrator Michele M. Leonhart.

“…. data released today highlights how serious a threat to public health we face from the abuse of prescription drugs”, said Gil Kerlikowske, National Drug Policy Director. “The spikes in prescription drug abuse rates captured by this study are dramatic, pervasive, and deeply disturbing.”

“The non-medical use of prescription pain relievers is now the second-most prevalent form of illicit drug use in the Nation, and it’s tragic consequences are seen in substance abuse treatment centers and hospital emergency departments throughout our Nation” said SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde, J.D. “This public health threat demands that we follow the President’s National Drug Control Strategy’s call for an all-out effort to raise awareness of this risk and the critical importance of properly using, storing, and disposing of these powerful drugs.”

“This rise in prescription drug abuse is no surprise to the doctors and law enforcement professionals who see its effects in our communities,” said Governor Markell. “We have been focused on making sure that health care professionals have the best tools available to detect and prevent this kind of abuse before it ruins lives.

The National Drug Control Strategy, released in May, outlines several steps to address what Director Kerlikowske calls “the fastest-growing drug problem in the United States”–prescription drug abuse.

Online “pharmacies” solicit orders; some are thought to be only gathering information for Identity Theft, but some are also providing actual drugs.   Most illegitimate sales come from responding to an email solicitation for a prescription and the phone sales rep will allow you to talk to …. “who they claim is a doctor,” but before the do, they will tell you what you need to tell them to insure you get your drugs.   In light of this, ….. sting operations are in order!

You can make an anonymous, confidential report to the appropriate authorities by contacting the Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse Hotline (toll-free) at:


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