Media Anti-Semitism Growing

If you have Comcast, tune into a very interesting “lecture” by Yaakov Kirschen, (often political) Cartoonist for the Jerusalem Post.  It’s about how anti-semitism is twisting the facts.   It’s incredibly eye-opening!
Find it in Comcast’s On Demand – Channel 1, scroll down and click on TV Entertainment – from there scroll to the very last page (there’s 3) and select (click on) Shalom TV.   There are 3 choices there; pick News & Israel …… then select “Israel in Cartoons”.
It’s revealing the Moral Inversion and Demonization of Jews and Israel, ….. the current and historical molding of public opinion.
It’s only 38 minutes long, but if you don’t have the time, the first 1/3 of it is incredibly good and definitely worth watching!

Yaakov takes us through the use of media ….. from the Achille Lauro incident, where PLO terrorists killed Leon Klinghoffer – though wheelchair bound, they pushed him over, to drown.   Next, he shows us the Ramallah incident, where 2 Jews made a wrong turn and ended up in Ramallah, were arrested and taken to the Palestinian’s police station where they were torn limb by limb and how the Palestinian comes to the window, proudly showing their blood on his hands!   This picture is known by every Israeli, but the world has not seen it.   Yaakov explains how the media twists the fact to make the Jews the perpetuators of hate …..

About josiahe

Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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