UPDATE:  Why is the mainstream media ignoring it?   Fear or Fans?   One news commentator stated that Obama and the Media should just get a room.   That pretty much says it, except for this time, it could be fear as well!

An AmeriCorp Inspector (the overseers of how our tax money is spent) employee Gerald Walpin was fired – and it was against the law.  

Last year, a law was passed to prohibit the firing of an AmeriCorp “whistleblower” w/o an explanation and w/o a 30-day notice.    The ironic part?   It was (p)Resident Obama who co-sponsored the bill, then he violates it!     The White House came out and issued a “why”, now – saying he was incompetent, but the sequence of events proves that bucket doesn’t hold water and there’s still the violation of the 1-hour notice of firing instead of the now-required 30 days!

(p)Resident Obama’s friend, Sacramento’s mayor, former NBA star and basketball-court-buddy, Kevin Johnson, was caught red-handed, using taxpayer money where and how he shouldn’t have been.   Though he made a deal and settled, when he wanted more … stimulus money Mr. Walpin said “no”.

Obama fired him!

And the media?   (Other than the Washington Examiner  // See Byron York’s article of 6/14/09 / . . . . AS USUAL, THEY’RE (by-in-large) LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!

Read about other Obama family blatant corruption:

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