Have you noticed?   Druggies are pushing even harder for an end to the Drug War than previously.   You’ll be hearing this more and more of this in the next few weeks.   Wonder why?

George Soros’ funding of the legalization of drugs (along with John Sperling and Peter Lewis) as well as the President’s campaign, and Soros’ wanting to control illegal drug market (he stated so in his book “Soros on Soros“), all the legalizers, . . . . they’re busy scrambling, behind the scenes.  

Not known for their honesty, they continue to claim the U. S. is loosing the War on Drugs; exactly, while exactly the opposite is the case.   One wouldn’t know it from the majority of the media, though.

Fifteen years ago, the criminal Medellin Cartel had mushroomed, soaring to incredible heights – impacting, almost destroying Columbia’s society – the government, the people were under full attack!

  • Half the judges were murdered;
  • airliners were under intense security as one was blown out of the sky;
  • skyscrapers were bombed,
  • media reporters, personalities, and editors were kidnapped and executed,
  • the Supreme Court was torched
  • intelligence agencies were bombed,
  • presidential candidates disappeared in the night, most later found executed!
  • 6,000,000 people fled the country; the nation was crumbling . . . . that is, until the United States came to their aid.  
  • The drug lords were so powerful, they thought they were untouchable.  

I understand . . . you didn’t hear this in the mainstream media, but . . .

Many say it’s similar to what Mexico is going through now.

Now, Columbia has one of the most  free and vibrant economies, in the western hemisphere!

And as a result, . . . . now that the new supply-side network has moved – they had to.  

Now, they’re under attack in (Mexico and Peru).

. . . and the legalizers see that their sources of drugs . . . . now that they’ve had to move to a newer territory, could be in jeopardy, eventually drying up, at least until they ‘relocate’ again..

So, they’re out hitting their media lackeys up again – the intent is to push the old stories of how the Drug War is being lost.  

Though drug use is actually down, in the U.S., even with a larger population, they are scrambling.

Lies said often enough are often believed; that’s what they’re working for.

Columbia’s drug lords, each once with armies of nearly 2,000 men, are not only in hiding, on the run, and paying fortunes for plastic surgery, they’re being arrested and extradited to serve time in the U.S.   One, was even on the Forbes billionaire’s list of richest people in the world!

When Mexican President Calderon unleashed the Mexican army against the cartels beginning inl 2007, the death toll has climbed to more than 10,000, shocking Mexican society.   While he proposed legislation that would offer pot smokers treatment instead of jail, they’ve stopped short of calling for legalization or decriminalization as the left-leaning Democratic Revolutionary Party did – actually, they have now called for the decriminalization of ALL drugs – the same as legalizers here in the U.S.  (they just don’t publicize it – except to each other in their pro-drug  comminuques.

With military and financial assistance to Mexico, from our new president increasing, the threat problems with NAFTA or re-instituting tariffs, . . . . the public being concerned about the violence spilling over the borders, and shutting the borders down – to make the U.S. more secure, they saw the need to act.

All this, therefore, has the legalizers calling in all their markers and pleading for the media to again tell the public how this war is failing and needs to end!

Oh; the drug war will never be won, but the threats of incarceration . . . . the fewer hiding places . . . .   Those who see the writing on the wall, are getting out – investing in legitimate businesses, just like the mafia did in the U.S.; they’re making way for those who’re willing to take gun-in-hand to make their fortunes.

Interesting times in which we live!   President Obama, under pressure to allow more people to flood into the U.S., from Mexico, (guaranteed Democratic voters), and meanwhile terrorist attempting to slip in w/o detection; . . . . they will have to make a decision soon . . . . which way to go . . . . which way to go?  

What a problem these politicians have!

I often wonder who writes Representative Ron Paul’s press releases or puts this crap in his head; surely he cannot be that stupid!   I mean . . . he’s a doctor for XXX’s sake.   Ron’s other ideas aren’t, but . . . . here on the drug war front, he leaves no doubt!  


Rep. Ron Paul declares that the federal war on drugs is a failure and legalizing marijuana would reduce the prison population and in effect the crime rate.

“I think we should look at the federal drug war, and I would say the federal drug war has failed so we should reject it,” the Texas Republican, who ran for president last year, told CNN.

“When I talk about changing the law, I want to go back to a constitutional approach to a problem like this, and that is through the states.

“Up until 1937 there wasn’t even a law against marijuana, and at that time they just passed a law to tax it. So we’ve had an experience in this country where we didn’t have all these laws, but it was regulated by the states.

“Alcohol is legalized by the federal government but it’s regulated by state laws.”

Paul said he is particularly disturbed by the federal government’s efforts to override state laws allowing some people to legally obtain medicinal marijuana, as has happened in California.

“They’ll pass a law that says that sick people can use it. So people who are dying with AIDS or cancer are getting benefit from marijuana. Then the federal government comes in and says we don’t care about the state law, and they just override it and put people into prison for this.

“We have over 500,000 people that never committed a violent crime in prison for drug use, and there are mandatory jail sentences under these conditions.

“This makes no sense. It’s so expensive, and it hasn’t achieved anything.”

Paul included other drugs in the discussion when he said: “We’re creating a monstrous legal problem costing hundreds of billions of dollars and putting people in prison who should be treated as sick people. They shouldn’t be treated as criminals.

“The problems we have is because the price for these drugs is about a thousand times greater than it would be” if they were legal and regulated.

“We’ve created most of the problems for ourselves,” he added, “and these drug wars are a consequence of our policies.”


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Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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