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If nothing else, this unintendended contact between a Nuclear Sub and another Navy ship (destroyer?) in the Straights of Hormuz, better be a heads up to these creeps …… wish it hadn’t been!    I’d love to have seen a clip … Continue reading

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A.P. Reporter Ed Tucker must have been hard up for news!   Or maybe he wrote his piece over googling ….. not the net type of googling ….. the old type! Evidently he decided to call the Foxy Lady’s Strip Club … Continue reading

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Political Hacks and Socialists – like oil and water – like Tehran and Tel Aviv!

The politically astute will know almost all the names of President Obama’s Cabinet appointments.    With these people in tow, our president’s “reaching out” to Tehran will be seen as what?   A Carter type of weakness?   Or …..   “Look at me!   I’m different” … Continue reading

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As the deficit grows exponentially, more confirmation that the perception of the dollar is growing shakier daily, comes from a U.N. panel in Luxembourg.   Next week, they’re expected to recommend dumping the dollar as the reserve currency in favor of a shared group … Continue reading

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Our duty, our quest, as men and women in a free society, having covenanted with Him, established ourselves as His, and blessed so by Him, God, our creator, we are therefore summoned, . . . . not to rest content with the evils … Continue reading

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Don’t let the head-spinning with all this blatant corruption; pay attention; inform others; this is too important! The focus of the Congress now, attempting to get back the bonus money paid to executives of these companies, ……   It’ll be found … Continue reading

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My post “Earthquake Ahead”, written Sunday, and posted on Monday, 03/17/09, the quakes may have been going on at the time …… that could been reported and what drew me to again notice the massive numbers of tremors and quakes going … Continue reading

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Treachery in High Places! — Obama – FIRE GEITHNER! THEN FIRE YOURSELF!

GET THIS!   Tax cheat, Timothy Geithner, according to Senator Chris Dodd, (who received over $250,000 in donations from AIG) required him to insert clause that bonuses had to be paid!   Dodd had denied it, said he’d had nothing to do … Continue reading

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OBAMA DESTROYING MILITARY! Deja Vu of Clinton admin …..

It’s not that the government doesn’t want to pay for non-service connected medical problems …….   Veterans often are denied their claims, that their injuries are service-connected in the first place!   That’s history, over the last few decades.   Just talk to any veteran; … Continue reading

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Three weeks ago, our air force shot down an Iranian UAV (drone); it was about 60 miles from Baghdad, 80 miles inside Iraq; Iraqi leaders have to be rethinking their deadlines about now! Our concern over Iran’s support of Hamas and Hezbollah, though … Continue reading

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